Combating Procrastination, Backed up libraries, and Lack of Creativity, at the same time.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2014

As I write this, it's November 16, 2019. To date, I have accumulated over 100,000 photos in my Lightroom library. Since I started shooting as a hobbyist and editing my photos (2013ish), it has never bothered me to share a single digit percentage of the photos that I've posted on the internet. At one point in my Social media history, I had over 1000 pictures posted on my instagram account. And like I did with all the posters on the wall of the room I share with my brother as a child, I woke up one morning and took them all down. You see, my nialistic perspective on this world and life in general allows me not to get attached to anything. There's nothing that we as humans can do, or create, that will outlast the test of time. Not the pyramids, not the internet, not culture, nor reputation or art. So with that in mind, being attached to the moments that I capture, and the art that I create, I don't feel a sense of urgency displaying it to the world, for we will all be a forgotten thought one day.

Now following the same thought pattern, hoarding 100,000 images only seems fit. Now normally, it wouldn't be bothersome. However, opening lightroom and deciding which picture to edit and share is proving to be a more difficult task as I continue to add more images to my library. Equally as important, I've decided to take a few months off of my day job, convert a van into a camper, travel through the USA, and document my journey. Now, all of this may seem overwhelming, but with a little planning, proper execution, with plenty of room for surprises and excitement, this is exactly my soul has craved, my creativity has salivated over, and the kick is the ass that my procrastination needed. If I'm going to travel through 15+ states, documenting my adventure, having 150,000 in my Lightroom library in 6 months, is extremely likely. Of course, if I'm lucky 10% of everything that I've would be to my liking. That would mean i have 10,000 pics that I think are shareable in my archives. And I would have another 1,000 in a few months that I'd like to share.

More images of my visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia here

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